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Hi there, yes you! Amazing that you found me here! My name is Frank van Mourik, I am 24 years old and really looking forward for a new challenge! Maybe we could start one together?

I just finished my MA - Business Innovation in Barcelona, hablo espaƱol, si! pero solo un poco. Now I'm back in the Netherlands and over the course of my studies and side jobs I became an architect, a master in coming up with solutions. From start till finish, wether it is in the marketing sector, to improve operations, or to find new markets, I've done all kinds of projects for some top notch companies. Coming up with innovative ideas out of excessive market research, with sometimes even over 2500 participants. And no, no extra money was used to obtain these amounts, simply with a bit of creativity and knowledgde about the technical world, we can obtain a lot in our current society.

Furthermore I love designing, developing and prototyping ideas based on the done research. Want to see my original work? Check out my portfolio, or in case you want to know more contact me!

I do amazing things for clients


Finished my Bachelor and Master in Business Innovation. Competed in different Innovation battles such as the "International Innovation Challenge", the "Ordina Innovation Challenge" and was awarded with the "Krekel Innovation Award"


Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Indesign and Lightroom are some of the programs I've been working with, with photoshop being my main expertise. Using design elements for projects, presentations as well as documents.


Profound in selling my ideas. I have got experience in the selling and presentation world, love to stand in front of big audiences. I gave presentations to campanies like Rabobank, Ordina, Vanderlanden and SAP.

Creative Cloud

Designing has always been a hobby of mine. During the course of my studies I realized how important a good and solid presentation is. Because of this I trained myself in obtaining the needed skills to present, prototype and sell. From UX design, website creation (such as this one), editing, visualizing ideas to basic document design. All to make it more professionally, more appealing and more importantly better understandable for the customer.


Adobe XD

After Effects



Premiere Pro



Microsoft & Marketing

GBSB Barcelona is known as the first microsoft showcase school in Spain. Over this year I only worked with the Microsofts package.








As for Languages, my native language is Dutch, I'm very fluent in English speaking and writing. For the languages German and Spanish, I got an intermediate speaking and understanding level, but writing is more difficult.





Recent Projects

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Currently working on

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    Solve the City

    Solve the City was my final MA thesis. It is a digital App focused on the making and exploring off a city more entertaining. We also looked at environmental, cultural, political and social possibilities and included them in the final creation of our idea.

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    Although my study abroad was fully provided in English, I was eager to learn Spanish. Besides my study I started attending Spanish classes, ended them at B1 level but was working my way towards B2 level.

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    Master Business Innovation

    In April 2020 I finished my Master in Business Innovation at GBSB Barcelona. The study was fully provided in English and I managed to finish my final thesis with 95 out of 100 points.

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    SafeShop was a schoolproject, in which we came up with an idea to increase online payment safety. As an extra I developed a UX design and create a little extra edit which made it look like our presentation got hacked during the explanation of the idea.

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    Andruschka is an upcoming German Rapper. In Summer 2019 I worked together with him to create a branding strategy. If you want to check out one of his songs: "Andruschka - Allein"

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    It started as a hobby, a hobby in which I got quite good and eventually even earned a little bit of money with. The picture is taken from the ESl Dutch Championships Winter 2018 series. Here I managed to become 2nd of the Netherlands with my team.

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